Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins, Hay and Super Girl

Fall is definitely here! We had a fall-filled day yesterday, starting out at a great new pumpkin patch and ending the day at our friends' Halloween party. The pumpkin patch had pony rides, a petting zoo, a corn maze, tunnels and wagon rides. It was great. After nap, we got Sydney all superfied in her Super Girl Halloween costume and I must say she was the cutest superhero ever!! Randall and I wore Superman t-shirts. We are lucky that our friend who hosted the party is a photographer, so we're hoping she got a good family pic of the Super Stricklands. :) 

Here are lots of pics and a couple of quick videos from our day!

Introducing..... Super Girl! My mom found this costume after Halloween last year, and it fit like a glove when we put it on.She was clearly excited about it. She will have two more opportunities to wear it - once at her school's fall festival next weekend, and again for trick-or-treating.
And lastly, I love looking back and comparing Sydney's first year with her second year. It BLOWS MY MIND how much a child changes in just 12 months (which seems like a millisecond to us!). Here are her first two pumpkin farm wagon pictures and then her first two Halloween costumes.

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  1. Sydney has set the mermaid bar very high. :) She is such a cute super woman too! Looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend. :)