Friday, October 28, 2011

Carving cuteness

A few days ago, we carved our pumpkin, and Randall used one of those carving templates and tool kits, which ended up being very easy (so he says). I love the way it turned out! Sydney wasn't into digging out all the pumpkin gunk, but I think she liked watching :)
Yesterday morning and this morning, I took a quick pic on my phone before school so they aren't great quality, but I love her Halloween shirts! Yesterday's cat is my favorite, and was a gift from our good friends. The witch one that she has on today was one I picked up last year on sale after Halloween. I've been surprised at the lack of Halloween attire at her school this week. Maybe they are saving it for Monday.


  1. Jade is wearing her Halloween attire on Monday! :)

  2. I just ended up with several Halloween things so we had to start early ;-) See you Sunday! Can't wait to see Jade in her costume.