Sunday, September 22, 2013

20 months

Collin hit the 20-month mark last week!! He has changed so much lately, and he's such a loveable, funny boy.

All of the pictures in this post are from our Labor Day weekend trip to Myrtle Beach. It was a last-minute decision and we found a little room right on the beach, which was our only requirement. We had a blast at the beach, pool and walking around Broadway at the Beach. We kept the kids out late, and we all had a great time. We get to go back to Myrtle in just two weeks to spend a couple of days with Uncle Mike and Aunt Muzette!

This week, we are going for a consultation about getting tubes in Collin's ears, so if we move forward with that, I hope it will mean less infections (if any!). He's currently recovering from his 6th infection since November. It's miserable, and we're ready to be done with that.

At 20 months, Collin:
  • is wearing 24-month bottoms and 2T and 3T shirts
  • has a wonderful appetite and will try most foods
  • is talking more and more --- common words are bye-bye, juice, shoes, Mama, Daddy, Sydney, no, uh-oh, mine, not nice (when Sydney gets in trouble)
  • started riding Sydney's little tricycle just this morning, and he's got the idea pretty well figured out
  • loves to be outside at a playground, in our yard, going for walks, anything
  • is a dream at school - the teachers definitely favor him
  • still bites, unfortunately, thought it hasn't been as much lately
  • has had his first few experiences with time out; it's heartbreaking
  • has been 100% bottle-free for the last few weeks! That nighttime one was hard for mama to take :)
  • loves to have his shoes on; even if we just have him in a diaper and t-shirt around the house, he wants his sneakers on
  • favors all toys that make noise, especially music of any kind because his favorite thing in the world is dancing