Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall is in the air

Yesterday was a little rainy and chilly, which meant it was the perfect pumpkin farm day to ensure limited crowds. Boy, were we right :)  It was a lot of fun, and we didn't have to race to score a wagon; in fact, each kid got one to keep the peace!

After we chose our two big pumpkins and played around the hay bales, we went over to see the farm animals that were outside and the ones that were in the barn. We were so glad they moved the pony rides --- actually huge horse rides! --- inside the barn. We didn't think Collin would be steady on the big horse, and he didn't seem all that interested anyway, so we opted to pay the hefty $10 ride fee for just the big kid :)  I think she may want to ride as she grows up, and our piggy banks are not going to be happy about that. Ha!

Check out how much our two cuties have grown since last year! Our visit to this same pumpkin farm last year was the week after we moved. It turned out to be a great choice; I think this will be our annual destination for pumpkins and ponies.

Following our damp fall adventure, we went to Target and added two small pumpkins to our porch display. Sydney insisted we get one to represent each of us, and the farm didn't have any kid-sized ones. We are just about ready for Halloween!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Peanut Festival Fun

In late September, we traveled to our hometown for the 51st Virginia Peanut Festival. I had not been home for this event in many years, and I must say, we had a ball. Not only did my mom have all her kids and grandkids together - a rare thing these days - but we caught up with old friends and really enjoyed seeing the kids have fun.

We started that Saturday with a 5K "race" --- a term I use loosely since our family pushing the double jogger came in dead last. I, technically, was dead last. It was pretty sad, but then again, no one else was pushing a total of 65 lbs in a stroller :)

We then changed clothes and went to the parade. It's so nice that we can walk from my mom's house to all the activities --- the parade, the rides, the crafts - it's all right there. Collin danced and danced at the parade. I think he may join the band when he's older. The drum line was calling his name!

I love this photo of Sydney and Collin with their cousin, Aidan. Stealing goldfish is an important stage of every relationship :)

We then went over to the petting zoo/craft area and then the rides. Because she was a tad too short, Randall had to pay off a carny so Syd could do the big slide by herself, but it was totally worth it. She loved it! I

It was really awesome to have the whole gang together, and I look forward to getting everyone together again sometime during the holidays, and definitely for my mom's 60th birthday in January. And what would the Peanut Festival be without a little Peanut LOVE?!