Monday, October 31, 2011

22 months

Our little girl is 22 months old (as of yesterday)! She celebrated with the most fun day --- the fall carnival at her school with face painting, crafts and lots of time outside in perfect fall weather. I'll post pics this week. This photo is one Randall took on his phone when they were at the park Saturday afternoon while I slipped off to see a movie.

I can't wait to see how trick-or-treating goes tonight. Of course we didn't go last year when she was so little. We've been practicing the whole routine, but I think the idea of going to a bunch of random houses may be lost on her!

The biggest change since my 21 month post is the talking. I can't believe how much she can say. I know she talks way more at home and at school than anywhere else, so you just have to take my word for it. :) She talks the whole time we read books, pointing out the names of anything she recognizes. And along with more talking comes more demands, of course!

She is also really into counting. She is pretty good at 1-10 in English (gets hung up after 7 most of the time), and she knows the even numbers in Spanish so we fill in the gaps. The ABC song is completely unrecognizable but every now and then you hear a few letters that sound familiar. :) She has an alphabet puzzle that she loves, too, and she knows quite a few letter sounds. I'm so thrilled with her school experience. I probably underestimate myself, but I always say if I stayed home with her, she'd know none of these things!

She's still going to the potty often, though I wouldn't say we're in full-on training mode just yet. Her teacher thinks she's ready to start in a few weeks, but I'm leaning toward waiting until the baby arrives. I'm just not sure. We'll see how she progresses and then we can make the best decision. Her teacher says once we commit to switching from diapers to big girl underwear (Montessori says no to pull-ups!), it should take less than two weeks, aside from overnight, when she'll still be in a diaper for awhile longer.

In just two short months, we'll be celebrating her 2nd birthday --- really hard to believe. We plan to just have a few friends over since it's during the holidays and not ideal for doing anything outside and inviting any of her friends from school. Soon after that, she'll earn the title of Big Sister. That's even harder to believe!!

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