Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nursery no more?

We've been making a lot of progress on Collin's nursery, and with that, Sydney's rocker was moved out of her room and into his. Sydney never actually required much rocking, so it still looks brand new, and the lime green color fits in well with a boy's room just as much as it did with her very girly room. That was always the plan, so I'm pleased to see it was a smart purchase.

In place of the rocker, we got Sydney a little table and chairs. She already loves it! Here's how it looks in her room.
The last piece of Collin's furniture should arrive this week and I'll be able to post pictures soon. The color scheme is navy blue, lime green, and two shades of brown. It's really coming together!

Completely unrelated, Sydney's teacher asked that every family send a collage of family photos to school so the kids could look at them during the day and learn about each other's family members. I was resistant at first because I thought it would make her miss us more, but I finally gave in and did one Sunday afternoon. (Peer pressure still exists at this age. Ha!) We had to limit it to her parents and grandparents because I noticed the other kids' projects weren't very big. Here's the outcome, and I'm quite proud :)

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  1. Cute, cute! (Both Sydney's room and the collage). Ms. Jan asked for a family picture of us to display in Jade's room and we were happy to send one. Of course, Jade doesn't exactly know who she's looking at at this point. :)