Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grape Festival

Friday evening, we went to the 114th Tontitown Grape Festival. Tontitown is a neighboring community, and we knew Sydney would love the rides and we could all enjoy some majorly overpriced festival food for dinner. ($10 for a slice of pizza and a lemonade. Gasp.) We didn't leave until after 9:30, and for anyone who knows us, you know that we must have been high on life. Side note: This double jogger is one of the best purchases we've made as a family of four.

Sydney, despite her typical shyness with people, has no fear when it comes to rides. I really hope our kids will grow up to love rides as much as their parents do. By next year, she should be able to ride more things without a parent, and Collin will be able to participate. I look forward to when we can all go to amusement parks together and we aren't restricted by height requirements. :)

So, while Sydney was doing all of this....

Collin was doing this. He was the sweetest thing and just enjoyed being strolled around and watching all the activity go by until it was time to doze off.

We had no trouble getting them to sleep when we get home, since they looked like this when we pulled in the garage. :)

Surprisingly, there were no tears when we had to leave, which was the case at the end of our last festival experience. We had a great time and can't wait for the county fair at the end of the month!

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  1. Okay, we may have to go to the county fair. That just looks like too much fun!