Thursday, August 23, 2012

7 months

Collin turned seven months old on the 18th, and I'm sadly just getting around to the post. We've had A LOT going on these past few weeks, so I'll save all that excitement for the next post.

Collin is the sweetest seven month old I've ever known (or at least in a dead tie with his sister).

At seven months, Collin:

- is eating all sorts of food. Favorites include bananas, apricots, corn, sweet potatoes, apple cinnamon yogurt, applesauce, and a blend of mixed garden veggies that we buy.
- has started working on finger foods, and we use puffs and yogurt melts for that practice.
- wears all 9-month clothes.
- is SOOOO close to crawling, it's scary. His best buddy, Drew, just figured it out this week, so I think Collin is next in line. (it's amazing at their age, you can tell who they really like!).
- suddenly doesn't love bath time.
- has adjusted seamlessly to his mobile infant classroom (we love his teacher, Ms. AJ!).
- still thinks Sydney is hilarious and that she hung the moon.
- wakes up happy and full of giggles and smiles.
- sleeps from 7-6:30 during the week and from 7-8 on the weekends.
- loves to practice standing while holding our hands. He may just skip crawling!

It's impossible to imagine anything other than our one little girl and one little boy. We aren't sure how we got so lucky. We also aren't sure how in the world Collin has already passed the seven month mark. This stage is so much fun; I wish time would slow down just a bit.

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  1. That last picture of him is my favorite. So cute! Hope he is feeling better today.