Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bath Time x2

This week, we graduated to a new bath time routine --- both kids at once! It is highly efficient and quite hilarious to both kiddos. These pictures are from the first co-bathing event Tuesday evening. They pretty much played independently, interacting only a tiny bit. Collin prefers playing with shampoo bottles and splashing like a maniac, and Sydney plays with water in cups or her bath books.

I didn't think they were attached to the idea,but I learned differently when last night Randall gave Collin a bath while Sydney was finishing her dinner. This was NOT OKAY. When it was time for Sydney to get in the tub and Collin was being dressed for bed, she fell apart. It sounded something like "But, I want my Collie!!!!" (I call him Collie)  It was sweet and sad and surprising. So, we promptly undressed Collin and put him back in the tub with his sister. He resumed his crazy splashing and all was well.

I think this is definitely the new normal in our house!

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  1. We do the sibling bath thing too and the kids love it. It's much more efficient and it's adorable! I imagine that relatively soon Hayden won't want to do a bath with his little sister - but until then, sibling baths it is. Fun times!