Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brave Girl

This morning, I took Sydney to her very first movie, the Disney/Pixar cartoon Brave! She did great. She sat in her own chair some, sat in my lap some and stood in front of our chairs some. She wasn't scared at the parts that I thought for sure would scare a 2-year-old, and she fell asleep on my lap the last 10 minutes. The ticket taker gave her some Brave stickers, which really made her day (we are VERY into stickers right now.)

She loved how big the theater was, and it worked out nicely that there were only two other people there. A 10:10 a.m. showtime at the older theater in our town isn't exactly popular. My only complaint is that there were SIX previews before the movie started. I was hoping with the likelihood of young kids in the audience, they would just get on with it, and I kept telling Sydney "one more commercial and then we'll see the pretty red-headed princess" --- I was wrong a lot.

Sydney's favorite movie at home right now is Annie, and she goes to a movie with Oliver Warbucks and Grace Ferrell at one point. Sydney has been begging to go ever since starting to watch that movie. I really thought she was too little, and even though she moved around a lot and fell asleep at the end, she had the best time. As we were leaving she said "Mommy, that was SO fun." That's about all I need for a good day! We went for nuggets at McD's and then came home. She's napping now, and we'll be headed to swim at the lake when she wakes up.

During all this girl time, Collin took a nap and then he and Daddy went to Walmart to get a few things to take for a dinnertime lake picnic. This was the first time he rode in the cart like a big boy, and Randall texted me this great photo. (Side note: Our son has a very long tongue and he loves showing it. Such a crack-up!)
Randall will take Collin to his first movie when the time comes. We thought about getting a babysitter so we could both go but decided against that. I really enjoyed the mommy/daughter morning, and I think Randall was OK with a quiet house for a couple of hours. By the way, the movie is very cute, even for adults. It comes highly recommended, whether you're 2 or 30. I even teared up at the end. :)

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  1. Like I said on facebook, I tried to convince Hayden to go with me - but it was a no go. He was not interested. Oh well. Hayden was about 3 when we took him to his first movie (Toy Story 3). It was successful. Going to movies is a rare treat and something he really enjoys. It's a special thing and I like that.