Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sir Laughs-a-Lot

I told Randall tonight that it's very important to take videos of your children because when they become famous and VH1 wants to do a documentary about their lives, they will surely ask for childhood footage. We don't have big plans for our kids at all, do we? ;-)

This first video of Collin from last week demonstrates how easy it is for Sydney to make him laugh. And she's such a trooper --- if one thing gets a laugh, she will do it over and over and over and over. It's awesome that she gets as much enjoyment out of his laughter as he does!

This next video is the best. Last night, Randall was throwing a big plastic cup up in the air, catching it and putting it down on the counter. That's it. I so wish I could be that easy to please. I could watch this video for hours.

The last video is a short snippet of Collin eating dinner this evening. I hadn't documented how well he's been doing with the spoon. Tonight's food choice was sweet potatoes and corn mixed together. This was a new combo for him, and he loved it. I'm reminded every time we feed him that I really need to get some plastic bibs that don't have pink all over them. Bless his heart --- second child syndrome is going to be a very real thing if we don't straighten up. :)


  1. He is so cute. I saw him just smiling away in the jumparoo at daycare yesterday. Jade cracked up one time when I was stuffing a pillow back into its case. It's so funny to see the little things that give them the giggles.

    1. That is funny! I am constantly surprised by what they find laugh-worthy. I saw Jade yesterday morning standing so well by the exersaucer; I need to catch her walking!