Saturday, May 5, 2012

We will survive

Please excuse the dramatic title, but I'm feeling quite accomplished today! Randall and I both work full-time, so the blocks of time either of us spends with both kids alone are fairly short. Four or five hours while Randall plays a round of golf / a few hours while I'm at a Junior League meeting or work event. Easy peasy. This weekend, Randall is away at his annual boys camping trip, and I was a little anxious going into my first weekend as a single parent of two! (Shout-out to every single parent out there, by the way!!).

I kind of cheated last night and had friends over, which was very fun and helpful. Today, neither child slept in (6:15 for Sydney - her normal weekday wake-up schedule - and 7:00 for Collin). We played this morning and Sydney and I watched The Care Bears Movie and went outside to practice pedaling on her tricycle that she isn't into while Collin took his morning nap. We then went to a very shady, smelly, tiny, hot and creepy local establishment - The Reptile Museum. Sydney has developed an interest in snakes and snake-like things, so I thought this would help me earn my Mother of the Year award. There were turtles, snakes, lizards, frogs, an ALLIGATOR ... all in a space no larger than our bedroom. Having Collin in his carrier on my arm was no help (the stroller would not fit). I didn't take pictures, but Sydney loooooved it. The owner is totally strange and Criminal Minds-like, but he was kind of nice in an odd way, and seemed to think it was cool (or pitiful) that I brought them there alone. Anyway, the only way I could convince her to leave was to tell her we were headed to the park.

We stayed there awhile, and then went home where all THREE of us took 2-hour naps. Yeah!
After dinner, we got sun-screened up and went for a long walk around the 'hood. Then, baths, books and bed. Both were tucked in and sleeping by 7:45. (We have early-to-bed kiddos, but they sleep all night so I'm sticking with what works!). This picture reminds me that sunhat shopping is in my future. Sydney's is too small and Collin's is one of Sydney's with lots of pink.

I really don't know how stay-at-home moms do it. I so loved today, but I could not do it every day. And since I don't do it every day, it's more of a challenge and adjustment to do it sporadically.

Randall would never be as dramatic about "doing it all," but I think parents should give themselves pats on the back sometimes. It makes up for all the times we doubt ourselves and think we're failing. I get at least an A- for today, and the kids get a glowing A+. I'm very much looking forward to having my oh-so-wonderful partner in crime back in the mix. Sydney wasn't too thrilled with my version of Randall's nighttime song medley. Now that I think about it, maybe that A- should be a B+ instead! (Since you made it through this long post, here's a bonus splash of cuteness!)

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  1. At least Syd didn't cry when you sang to her at bed time...that's when I gave up on bed time and brought her back out for more books and puzzles.