Thursday, May 24, 2012

Class Pictures and a Kangaroo

A few weeks ago, the kids had their class photos taken at school. These overpriced images live in each child's bedroom, and it has become a favorite activity for Sydney to name all of her friends in the picture. Maybe by next year, I can convince her to keep her legs together. She is not wearing a bow which is funny to me, but apparently her bow fell in the potty earlier that morning (how exactly, I'm not sure). I'll take a bow-less picture over the alternative! :)

Collin also had a decent showing, and is one of the few not screaming his head off. I love that Ms. Jan is holding him. Ms. Jan is holding Sydney in her first class photo, too. I am not upset at all that teachers tend to love my babies! I'm also realizing how much bigger Collin is today than just a few weeks ago. Wow.

In other school news, Sydney had her first performance last weekend. The school's annual international dinner involves each class adopting a country and doing a performance and providing food from that part of the world. There were probably 300+ people there - it's a big fat deal, and so much fun! Sydney's grade level, Early Primary (18 mo. - 2.5), is the youngest group that participates, and there are three of those classes, then six Primary classes (age 2.5 - 4.5/5) and finally a a couple Elementary classes (K-6th grade).

Sydney's class chose Australia, and the teachers asked if any of the kids would volunteer to be kangaroos. My mom found this great costume on eBay, and Sydney was the cutest kangaroo ever.

I cannot figure out how to downsize the video from my phone (since my regular video camera was stolen and we haven't bought a new one yet), but here's the link to the video on You Tube. It's extremely shaky and bad quality, but I love it because you can see how Sydney wandered around looking for me, and once she saw me, she was happy and hopping right along. :) Randall was out of town so I was trying to video with one hand and snap still shots with the other - it was rough.

I am so grateful for such incredible teachers for our little ones. I don't worry about them at all, and I think they are loved almost as much there as they are at home. Plus, the Montessori philosophy seems to suit Sydney quite well. She has learned SO much. I hope Collin's experience is just as wonderful. Sydney will be moving up to a Primary class at the end of June, and I think we will both be a wreck for awhile. I get just as attached to her teachers as she does!


  1. How fitting that Sydney was an Australian kangaroo. Adorable! And refreshing to see a parent appreciate her children's teachers so much... don't see that much at HS level. ;-)

  2. If you taught my kids in high school, I'd appreciate you! I was raised by a teacher, so the teacher is always right :) That's what you need... more teacher's kids in your classes!! And yes, Sydney in Australia - I thought that was pretty perfect, too.

  3. Sydney makes the cutest kangaroo! I can't wait to participate in this next year. :) And Collin's class picture cracks me up. I saw it posted on Ms. Jan's door and thought it was so funny. The baby in front looks like she just got finished doing a tap dance routine and is going "tah dah!!"

  4. Love love the class pictures!!! And the video is so cute -- Sydney did a great job! Class transitions are no fun; I hope all goes well. Isaiah starts full-time in his new class tomorrow, so I've got my fingers crossed as well.