Friday, May 18, 2012

4 months

Forgive the Christmas blanket in mid-May. It's really comfy and we use it year-round :)
Collin is four months old today! He is the happiest not-so-little guy. At his check-up this week, he weighed 16 lbs. 1 oz. (75th percentile) and was 25.91" long (80th percentile). The doctor said he's perfect, and we couldn't agree more! He woke up a couple of nights recently to eat, but since his appointment, he has gone back to sleeping through the night. I was not looking forward to making him cry it out in the middle of night, so I'm glad he decided he actually doesn't need that 3 a.m. bottle ;-)

Collin is rolling over like crazy back to front and front to back and is going to be an early mover, I'm afraid! His little legs go crazy when he's on his tummy. I can tell he's ready to try to keep up with his big sister, and she is equally as ready for him to be able to do more. He will break his neck to watch her run around and play. And she loves to kiss and cuddle him. Normally I wake her up first and get her going with breakfast before getting Collin up, but today he woke up before her and she practically flew out of her crib, she was so excited to see him. I hope that continues!!

We'll be starting rice cereal and oatmeal next week, and I can't wait. Collin is currently eating quite a bit more than the recommended formula quantities for his age, so I'm hoping some baby cereal will help curb the appetite for his bottles. This may backfire and then he'll just be eating even more! Oh well, he's a growing boy, and I see football in his future.

This 4-month-old angel sure does make the ladies in his life smile!
You'll have to forgive the quality of pics for a little while. I'm using my phone. Our home was robbed earlier this week, and we are having to replace our camera and video camera, among other things. The police caught the four 18-year-olds who had a couple of field days in our neighborhood. Privacy fences are great for families who want to play in their backyards but even more convenient for sneaky little punks! Grrrr


  1. Cute kids! Your house got robbed? NOT COOL! See you soon for our lunch meeting!

  2. I love that picture of you three! And I cannot believe your house got robbed. :( That stinks big-time. They caught the kids but couldn't recover your stuff? Did you guys have an alarm system? Ugh, I hate that for you....

  3. They recovered a few things, but not everything. Have to replace camera, video camera, Randall's wedding ring (of all days not to wear it - his hand was swollen), Sydney's piggy bank (how low, right?!). We do not have an alarm system. Very frustrating. And just unsettling knowing someone was in our house while we were working!

  4. Oh no! That's terrible! So sorry to hear that happened, but glad everything they took is replaceable and no one was there when it happened.