Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg-cellent Day

Yesterday was a really warm day and we planned to go to an Easter Egg Hunt in Farmington that some friends told us about. There were 40,000 eggs and it felt like almost as many people - haha! It was behind the elementary school Sydney will attend, assuming we are in our same house in August 2015. Crazy to think about that.

This crowd photo is just of part of Sydney's age-group (0-PreK), and you can see it was more of a run out and grab than an actual "hunt" --- still lots of fun and she got into it! They had face painting and photos with the Easter Bunny, but she opted out of those activities :)

Last year it rained on Easter and we did a little hunt in our living room. She wasn't really old enough to take to something like this, so this was her first real Easter Egg Hunt.

After the hunt, we had to play on the playground. We were hot by this point, but Sydney was quite happy to swing on the big girl swing sporting Daddy's shades. Good luck to us the next time we try to get her in a  "baby" swing.

Don't worry - Collin was there, too! He spent his time chillin out in the shade with Meme :)

And here's just a cute photo I had to include here from earlier in the morning when he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. He's been regressing some with his sleep --- waking up a couple of times a night to eat. I promise you he isn't this cute at 3 a.m.! Haha

I'm so thankful to have a phone that takes decent pictures. I can't believe how often I forget to take my real camera places, and it's a great back-up! These were all taken with my phone. Technology is so amazing.

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