Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 Months

Collin is two months old today! We went to Mass this morning as a family of four + Meme, and both kids behaved like angels (whew!). At two months, Collin:

  • is smiling and finding his voice - is there anything sweeter?
  • is sleeping through the night. He slept 10 hours straight last night!!
  • is wearing 0-3 month clothes, but is in some 3-6 month sleepers (tall boy!)
  • is wearing size 2 diapers
  • still loves to eat; I doubt we'll make it to 4 months before starting cereal
  • does very well with tummy time and is trying to roll over!
  • fights his sleep sometimes still during the day, but it's now a rare thing instead of an all-the-time thing
  • is a sweet and happy baby, and seems very happy that we threw the eating schedule out the window --- feeding on demand suits him much better (this was more of an adjustment for us since Sydney was so scheduled)
  • loves bath time!
The final bullet leads me to this next confession. I bathe my son in a pink bathtub. I don't know what to say. :-) We were very good about getting baby "gear" that was gender neutral when Sydney was born, but we did get a pink tub, and I always thought if we had a son next, we'd buy a new tub. Well, now that the time is here, it seems wasteful, so the pink tub it is! One perk is that my two month bathtub comparison picture is a near perfect that a perk? Oh well. I do use a blue washcloth, at least. Haha

Collin's bath picture is from tonight, and I'm starting to see what everyone means when they comment on how he really looks like a boy. He just does! I'm also moving away from any thought that our two kids look alike. They definitely have their own look at the two month mark. We'll see how time changes him and if he starts to look more like her or not. 
I also love this photo from post-bath. Thanks to Tracey for the adorable hooded towel gift! Otherwise, he'd be in a purple princess hooded towel to complete his girly bathing experience. :-)

I look forward to getting his official length/weight stats at the end of this month. According to our home weighing practices, he's around 12.5 lbs. HAPPY TWO MONTHS TO OUR SWEET BOY!!!!


  1. Graham was bathed in a pink bathtub until he graduated to the big kid bath, too! :-)

  2. Happy 2 months, Collin! I had already forgotten that his and Jade's monthly birthdays fall on the same day.

    One day when Collin gets married, that pink bathtub picture will be perfect for a slideshow. :)