Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter morning was lots of fun! A few Easter bunnies visited the kids (Bunny Grandma, Bunny Meme and Bunnies Mom and Dad) :-)
I thought the kiddos looked so cute this morning before we left for church!

Our favorite babysitter, Stacia, and her family invited us to visit their church today, and we really enjoyed it. They had an Easter Egg Hunt followed by their contemporary service. It's in Farmington, which is the school district we are in, so I like the idea of having the kids get to know kids they would be in school with... we plan to go back again soon.

Stacia will have her first babysitting gig at our house with both kids next weekend. I think she already likes our newest addition, so it should be just fine :-)

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  1. Sydney's bunny is so cute. And I'm pretty sure Jade has that outfit too! Collin is really starting to look like Randall, in my opinion. :)