Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3 Months & School

Today, Collin is three months old! We were able to take a few pictures before we left for school this morning.

At three months old, Collin is a sweet, sweet boy. He is a fabulous eater and sleeper (11 hours straight most nights!), and his fussy ways early on seem to be long gone. He smiles and laughs and is generally content with life. He doesn't mind the constant attention from his big sister, who continues to LOVE him to pieces. She calls him "lil buddy" which is just so cute.

Now in his second week at Fayetteville Montessori School, Collin has adjusted very well to the new routine. Sydney loves going to his building to drop him off and she can't wait to pick him up at the end of each day. It's a longer routine with double drop-off in different buildings, but we've settled in well. He's napping, eating, playing ... and apparently is one of the happiest babies in his class. Our transition was only easier because of our love for Ms. Jan, Sydney's former infant teacher who was so happy to get a 2nd Strickland baby! We also love the other teacher, Ms. Carol, and the sweet afternoon girl, Ms. Chelsea. Sydney enjoys seeing Ms. Jan every morning, too. She tells her something each day that I'm sure Jan is thrilled to hear. Ha! This morning, it was all about the caterpillars and gerbils in Syd's classroom. Today, as we were leaving, she said "Bye Ms. Jan, Bye Collin, Bye little buddies!" I guess that was the easiest way to address the two other babies she didn't know. Haha.

Here is each of their first days with Ms. Jan (who is now an honorary member of our family as far as I'm concerned!!) I think the kids look alike in these pictures. I change my mind everyday on whether or not they favor.

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  1. Those pictures of Collin and Syd are too cute! I'm so happy that she loves having a little brother.

    And you were really smart to get pictures with Ms. Jan. Now I wish I had done that with Jade!