Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine love

Our Valentine's Day weekend started with a visit from Laura from DC! It was a  perfect few days spending quality time together, and Laura was a huge help. We even got away for a movie and shopping one day, thanks to super-dad Randall. Visits like that always make me wish Tennessee would cease to exist between Virginia and Arkansas so we could all be closer together :-) Sydney took to her right away, and Collin of course didn't mind being spoiled either.

Yesterday, we celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a family of four. I had a Junior League meeting, but in true Randall style, he had a fabulous dinner waiting for me when I got home - filet, shrimp, baked potato, grilled asparagus --- YUM. My diet is starting soon, promise. And here is our little valentine on his first v-day - thanks to Grandma for the onesie!

And of course the side-by-side of our two little cupids on their respective first v-days!

This was also the first year I had a child who needed to bring valentines for friends at school. Here's my first attempt at a v-day box. After seeing the other kids' boxes, I decided Sydney's wasn't the worst, but it wasn't the best. I'll try harder next year. :) I have to say a few parents went way overboard, and some even had special valentines printed with their kid's photo. Like wedding invitation quality. My goodness...

I thought I'd add in this pic I took this morning before taking Sydney to school. Our friends are always finding the best gifts, and this shirt was a birthday gift from Aaron & Erin. Her teachers just loved it. It's so fun that more and more clothing lines (Under Armour in this case) are making pint-sized items. They are just that much cuter!
I hope you all felt the love this Valentine's Day!

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