Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spoiled by Grandma

I'm not sure who was more spoiled with my mom's visit --- the kids or the parents. She insisted on keeping Collin in the nursery with her, so we got some much-needed rest and stored up for when she left. We even had our first post-baby date night and went out for a fancy shmancy dinner! She was here 10 days, and the time flew by as it always does. Here are some picture highlights from her time here. Sydney reminds us every morning that Grandma left on an airplane to go see Pop. That may sound sweet, but it just makes me sad!

(Yes, there is a rubber snake on Sydney's highchair. After visiting the safari with Grandma and showing how much she LOVES snakes - the only animal she would pet - it was decided that she must have one, and a real one is clearly not an option!)  ;-)
We also gave Collin his first washcloth bath and he didn't totally hate it. I love the photo of him with Randall all wrapped up - his little face just melts my heart!
As sad as we are that our first visitor is already gone, we are looking forward to several more! Laura (my step-sister and good friend) arrives this weekend for a few days, and my dad will be here at the end of the month. Then in March, we have a visit from Randall's eldest niece and then Randall's mom arrives just before I return to work. When Sydney was small, Randall's mom was able to keep her the first few weeks I returned to work which helped with my transition and also kept her out of daycare until she was close to the 3-month mark. We're hoping to accomplish the same with Collin. I know all these visits and weeks will be over in the blink of an eye, and we are trying to cherish all this precious time!!

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