Saturday, February 18, 2012

One month

Our precious baby boy is one month old!
At one month, Collin:
  • eats about every two hours during the day (that's a lot!) and recently switched to a sensitive formula to help with gas.
  • sleeps well at night, but it's sporadic. Some nights he'll have 5-7 hour stretches and other nights he wakes up to eat every 2.5-3 hours or so.
  • is a fussy little guy in the evenings.
  • must love his sister, because she is on him constantly!
  • loves to be held and also does well with tummy time, something Laura helped us discover during her visit.
  • doesn't love to be in "gear" (i.e. bouncer, swing, etc.). If he wants to just chill out, we put him on his boppy pillow or flat on the floor so he can look around.
  • suffers from male pattern baldness, as my dad kindly pointed out :-)
  • is the sweetest little guy, and has become a professional on-the-go errand runner with his mommy during maternity leave!
I thought this true-to-life photo of the two kids was great, especially since it was accompanied by Sydney exclaiming "Collin pull hair, mommy!"  Ah, the sibling love begins, and I may not get a good photo of the two of them together for quite a long time. ;-)

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  1. That photo of the two of them is adorable! I cannot believe how much he has grown since I saw him earlier this month. What a cutie!