Friday, February 10, 2012


It's impossible not to compare your children. Not in a he's better, she's better way, but in a "wow, look how different or similar they are!" way. I love pointing out the similarities because it amazes me that two people can create little ones who really follow in the same footsteps, at least initially.

Do you think they look alike as infants? I wasn't sure until I saw them side-by-side like this, and I think there is no question they are siblings. These are their "going home" photos from the hospital!

Here are a couple of major similarities we've noticed already:
- They both love to eat and are good sleepers as infants. Collin is generally waking up once per night to eat, and we are not complaining.
- They both react well to being swaddled. This wasn't true the first few days with Collin, but fortunately Randall suggested trying again and it took!
- Collin is most fussy in the evenings, and Sydney was the same way.

The list of differences is also taking shape:
- Sydney loved to be in her bouncy chair, and Collin is happiest just hanging out on the couch or lying flat on his back in the middle of the floor.
- Sydney was completely content not being held for long periods of time, and Collin loves to be held. I think I'm to blame for this, but I can't help it - he's my last,and I can't get enough of this newborn stage which will be over oh-so-soon.

Here's Collin completely content lying next to me on the floor as I type. :) It's amazing how much he has changed since the photo above just three weeks ago.

It's exciting to watch their little personalities take shape, and it will be fun to see if Collin is at all similar to Sydney as he grows.

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  1. He has already grown so much, Danielle! And I definitely think he and Sydney look similar as infants.