Monday, July 4, 2011

Firecracker, Firecracker Boom Boom Boom

I hope you all had a very fun 4th of July weekend! We enjoyed lots of family time, including time at the pool, a trip to see fireworks Sunday evening, projects around the house, short walks around the neighborhood -- it was hot!!! -- all in all, a fantastic weekend. Here are a few pictures from the weekend and a cute video that shows Sydney just before the fireworks started. Thank you to my mom for the adorable outfit!Unfortunately, the flag shirt only lasted half of the day before a drink was spilled, so she had to switch to plain white for the evening activities. :)
I love looking at this side-by-side comparison from last 4th of July until now - WOW!
I was laughing watching this video clip because she had a mini-tantrum in the middle of her dance moves. :-)

And this last picture I had to include... It's of Sydney before school Friday morning. She wore this cute dress I found at a consignment sale this past spring. And this is her doing her "ta-da!!" presentation when I asked her to stand on her toy box for a picture (I know, bad mama). I think her expression is priceless ... if only I could be this excited for work each day. Haha!

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  1. She is so cute! I love her dress in that last picture.

    PS: It IS hot out, don't you think? :)