Saturday, July 16, 2011

Artist, Swimmer, Librarian

So many new activities have made their way into our lives lately! Sydney now likes to sit and color in her booster seat. It usually keeps her interest 15-20 minutes. She calls every color "blue" so we need to work on that. :-)
The last two weeks, we've been taking her to swimming lessons - a parent/tot class. Randall and I both went with her each day, and she got very comfortable going under, blowing bubbles and jumping in. It was four days each week, and she loved it. We get in lots of pool time on the weekends, so she was comfortable already, but this helped her even more. Last night was the final lesson, and she was not too pleased when diving board time was over! Randall didn't get in the water the first night so he could get some pictures.
The final new activity was just this morning - our first trip to the public library! I was worried she was too little and wouldn't understand that we had to leave the books there, but it worked out great. There was story time going on in the kids' area, so we sat in for some of that, and then played and played with all the books. We selected five to take home with us, and she didn't care that I had to put most of them back on the shelves when we left. As long as she had one in each hand, she was happy.
The only library-related meltdown was when we were leaving. We had to walk down a lot of stairs, which is one of Sydney's favorite things. When we got to our floor in the garage, there were more stairs, and she didn't understand why we didn't need to keep going. Oh well --- at least the only screaming took place outside of the library, technically :-)


  1. Syd is getting so big D! I love that she loves reading, coloring, and swimming! All great activities! And her curls! Precious! Where did you get the coloring mat? I've been searching online for something that will stick to the table withno luck.

  2. Oh my word! She is sooo big and adorable! We can't wait to see you guys! And give you a big hug congratulations! Love you and see in about a week!

  3. Laura --- I just tape a placemat to the table and then tape paper on top of it. :)

    Sylvia - Thanks! See you very soon!!

  4. So funny-- Grace thought every color was blue for a while, too!