Thursday, June 30, 2011

One year and a half!!

I can't believe we have an 18-month-old. It's amazing to watch her grow, learn and change. Some days I wake her up and I think I still have a little baby, and other days I think I have such a big girl!
At 18 months, sweet Sydney Drew:
  • would live outside. We hear "side, side, side" as she runs to the back door every single day...many times.
  • thinks sitting on the potty is funny, but we haven't seen any action there yet.
  • moves to a new classroom in a new building next week! This next level does so many fun things; I know she'll love it once the adjustment period is over.
  • is shy with strangers or people she hasn't seen in awhile, but normally warms up after a little while.
  • is sooooo silly. Her sense of humor gets more and more mature all the time. It's amazing how she finds things funny that I think are above her level.
  • is still a wonderful eater and sleeper. We try to always remember how lucky we are for that.
  • loves to mix up mama and daddy. We assume this is on purpose, but calling Randall "mama" too many more times may give him a complex.
  • is a puzzle pro.
  •  learns new words all the time, and the ones we hear most often are "bow," "snack," "bubble," "[out]side,"no," and "book."
  • is obsessed with her hair bows. She wears one to school and then a different one at night after her bath. We do put it away before bed, which is an improvement :)
  • is quite the expert with her animal noises. Current favorites are the horse, rooster and monkey.
  • has favorites at school. If your name isn't Emery or Max, she isn't really interested in playing with you. And if you like puzzles, you get extra points.
We have Sydney's 18-month check-up next week, so we are excited to get her updated height/weight stats. We also start swimming lessons Tuesday evening. Happy 18 Months, sweet girl!!

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