Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st Birthday Snapshots (and snow pics!)

I have lots to update you on!! For this post, I'll share a few pictures from Sydney's 1st birthday party, and also her first big snow! Our trip to Virginia was just perfect. Sydney was an angel in the car both ways, and we got to spend a lot of special time with our families and a few close friends. Next year, we are already planning to stay in Arkansas and start our own traditions, but it was nice to spend these very special "firsts" with the whole gang!
We had about 35 people at the party, so we rented a local club house for the day. It worked out great, and I think everyone had a wonderful time! Sydney was (surprisingly) not into the cake AT ALL. All of the adults loved the cake, but she wanted no part of it. So, we gave her a few crackers instead. I guess there are much worse things than a female not loving cake. Haha! Everyone was more generous than you can imagine, and we have enough toys and new clothes to last Sydney for awhile.
 Here are a couple of pictures from the snow. We had the best time pulling her on the boogie board!
And last but not least, here are a couple of photos I just like a lot :) The first is Sydney climbing up my dad's stairs. Both my parents have stairs, and she was obsessed. I have never been so thankful for a one-story home in my life. The second is Sydney sitting on my old rocking chair on top of my old Raggedy Ann. The chair made it home with us, and is going to be refinished and re-cushioned (fingers crossed it goes well).
More updates from the holidays to come, including WALKING VIDEO. Yes, our little gal is more mobile than we can believe!

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