Thursday, December 23, 2010

Packing Palooza

I've now learned what goes into planning a vacation in which the family is driving instead of flying. I've also learned that I have no idea what families do with multiple children and all their stuff. Lastly, I've learned that no matter how much stuff we have to pack (and despite a freezing cold weather forecast), Randall will find a way to fit his golf clubs. Here's the car so far:
And here's what still needs to go in:
I have a very confident husband, so I'll just go along and believe it will all fit. I'm quite proud we're able to leave the back seat clear in case we need to sit with Syd. We are hitting the road as soon as Randall can leave work. Sydney is napping right now, but I won't let her nap too long. We need some sleepy time on the road! Merry Christmas!

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