Sunday, January 23, 2011

As the weekend winds down

I love Sunday evenings because typically we just relax and get ready for the week. As much as I love Sunday evenings, I despise Monday mornings twice as much! Anyway, just thought we'd do a quick post as we wrap up a very fun weekend. Last night, Randall and I went out with 10 other couples to celebrate our friend Amanda's 30th birthday. It was one of the most fun nights out I think we have ever had ... ever! It was also a later night than we've had since becoming parents. :-) All 22 people knew each other, so that set the stage for a great evening. Amanda's hubby Kenny did an awesome job organizing the night, including a party bus (with a driver named Cadillac if you can imagine how fun that is!), full itinerary of stops around Northwest Arkansas and a get together at their house to start the evening. We had our babysitter Madison take a quick photo before we left. We're relying on others to provide pictures from the celebration.
And here is a video of Sydney from today, featuring two of our favorite moves - the mummy walk and sweet kisses on her Singamajig, a very cute singing toy she got for Christmas.

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