Thursday, September 16, 2010

Randall's Birthday! (and a bonus video)

Yesterday was Randall's 39th birthday! When he got home from work, Sydney and I had his present and cards displayed for him.
 I think he liked his gift - 100 Titleist golf balls. They are kind of like the golf ball equivalent of "scratch & dent" furniture or appliances. The only imperfections were on the paint or placement of logos, so the performance is not affected. And compared to the typical $48 per dozen, this gift was also a great bargain! Randall hinted at this bucket of balls as a gift idea, but I think he was surprised I actually acted on it. Because, let's be honest, this isn't exactly an exciting gift from a wife's perspective :)

 I had picked up Sydney early from daycare because she wasn't feeling well, so our dinner date turned into dinner at home. Randall wanted a steak (surprise!) so the Outback came to Batsford Drive.

I also baked Randall's favorite cake: Yellow cake with chocolate icing. Forgive my dirty stove in this picture!
 Randall posed with our sweet little lady for a photo.
As a bonus, later in the evening, Sydney decided to wave on command for the video camera! Typically, she just waves at random times, and I can't ever catch it on video to share. But, she has started to learn to wave in response to our waving. Here is a short snapshot of her sweet waving. This was just before bed and she is barely awake.
All in all, Randall said his 39th birthday was a great one! I know he hopes this year crawls by so he doesn't have to welcome his 40s any sooner!!! Sydney and I had fun celebrating a great husband and daddy :-)


  1. Aw, Randall has great taste in cakes, that's my favorite too! And I love the video of Sydney! So sweet and sleepy! I LOVE sleepy babies :-)

  2. waving on command - what a great birthday present for daddy! xoxo