Sunday, September 12, 2010

Higher, Higher!

In Fayetteville, we have several beautiful parks, and we do not visit them nearly enough! This morning was so pretty; I took Sydney to one of the parks. This was her first time in a swing, and she loved it. I pushed her higher than I thought I would b/c it was clear that was her preference. She was fascinated by the bigger kids who were swinging sooo high. There is sand all around the swings, so we played in that for awhile after. I think she's going to like the beach.
Last night, we went over to a nearby friend's house to watch the Hogs game (I use "watch" loosely - we talked mostly). It's getting more and more difficult to get pictures of Sydney sitting still, so I snapped this was the best I could do. I thought her little red outfit - a gift from her Meme - was so cute!

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