Sunday, September 19, 2010

Miracle League

Randall had the opportunity to volunteer as a "buddy" for the newly created Miracle League in Springdale, Ark. (There are 200 miracle leagues nationwide, but this is the first in our area). It is a baseball league for special needs kids - age 4 and up - with any diagnosis. Some are purely physical and others are mental or emotional. Each child is assigned a buddy to help them hit/run/catch/throw. Some of the kids were in wheelchairs, and others had full motion but were autistic or had other forms of mental retardation. The field is unique in that instead of dirt/grass, it is thick rubbery material. There are no outs, no winning, no losing. It is a very positive atmosphere and the families were so excited to be there cheering on their kids/siblings/grandkids. This Miracle League is new, but popular already. There were six teams there, with 7-8 kids on each team.
The child Randall was paired up with was probably one of the most limited mentally. He couldn't speak, and he held a top and straw from a to-go cup, and a Weekly Reader, and he would go limp when Randall put an arm around him. You just have to believe that he got something out of playing the game. Randall was great with him.
The whole area was created for special needs kids, down to the swing sets. I had never before seen a swing designed to hold wheelchairs! The experience was a mix of sad and happy, and I know Randall enjoyed volunteering. More than anything, it left us feeling all the more grateful for our healthy daughter. Here are a couple of pictures to show how she enjoyed the morning. She loved all the cheering and noise! I think we will do this again.


  1. very nice thing for randall to do!

  2. That's awesome Randall! Leslie was out there cheering on one of her former students. Such a cool place.