Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When we were pregnant, everyone told us about all the sacrifices you have to make as parents. They were right ... sort of. We certainly do watch our pennies more closely and are more mindful of our spending in general so that Sydney can have the best. We don't go to a movie every weekend anymore, and we eat the majority of our meals at home. But these decisions don't feel like sacrifices at all. In fact, it's so nice knowing we're not being wasteful, our money is going to things we really care about and our baby girl is well taken care of.

Sydney is three months old today, and it's hard to believe it! Right now, Sydney...
  • giggles a lot
  • has been sleeping through the night for two months already (9 1/2 hours last night!)
  • takes in her surroundings
  • looks very serious a lot of the time
  • is wearing 0-3 mo. clothes (a few 3-6 mo. things)
  • does not enjoy "tummy time"
  • loves bath time
  • doesn't care too much about baby toys
  • has great head control
  • knows her mommy & daddy
  • loves her teacher, Jan, and flirts with the boys in her class
If all these joys in our life require a few so-called "sacrifices"....sign me up!

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  1. Isn't it beautiful to be a parent :) I don't feel like we have made any sacrifices. I feel like we truly have been blessed with such little miracles! They are teaching US so much everyday. I can't remember, nor do I want to, what life was like before them :)