Thursday, March 4, 2010

Babysitting $$$

I love reading the articles on I typically walk away with at least one or two new ideas, and I can always find answers to my silly little questions. Today, I was interested to see an article discussing babysitting fees. Before we hired our first babysitter a couple of weeks ago, we asked around for the average charge per hour, and found that in this area it was $10/hour for one child. Randall and I agreed that was fine, and if we ever needed to leave Sydney with someone for an entire day or large block of time, we would agree on a flat rate rather than the hourly rate.

I was very surprised to see that according to a poll on the Web site, the majority of moms said they pay $4-6/hour for one child, and the second most popular range was $7-9/hour. Our range, $10-12/hour, came in third. If I recall correctly, my mom was paying $4-6/hour when I was little, 20+ years ago. Maybe those families' babysitters need to find new business!

What's the lesson here? We are lucky to have many great friends in the area who have offered to babysit free of charge! Ha!

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