Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

If you're my child, you will likely be forced to watch Miss America every year, and you will probably have to watch most awards shows (at least the Grammys and Oscars)! Last night was the Oscars, and although Sydney slept through part of it, I think she learned to appreciate the glamor and why her mommy gets so excited. The fact that her daddy likes these shows too is a bonus.

Here are my two best-dressed choices. Sandra Bullock was the picture of class and very old Hollywood. Gabourey Sidibe looked very appropriate given the challenges I'm sure she finds with her size. The blue was a great color on her.
And for my worst dressed ... Miley Cyrus' dress was OK from the waist down. I didn't like the top, and I mostly hated her posture. Stand up straight! I also didn't care for Zoe Saldana from Avatar. She's beautiful, but there was too much going on for my more classic taste.
If Sydney ever winds up walking down a red carpet, I hope she will invite me to go as her guest and help her choose her dress!


  1. I agree with your best and worst choices. I also didn't like Sarah Jessica Parker. Her dress was ok in the front, but the back was weird. Didn't like her hair either! I'm so happy for Sandra Bullock!

  2. I agree with your choices!!!! Miley's poor posture was driving me crazy.