Saturday, March 6, 2010

Consignment Finds

This weekend, Randall's mom and I did some shopping at Rhea Lana's, a HUGE children's consignment sale that takes place in Northwest Arkansas every spring and fall. This sale can be really nutty, but you have to be patient and take your time going through everything to find the best deals. We love shopping for Sydney at regular stores, and this sale is a great opportunity to fill in the gaps. I try to buy items that are high-quality brands.

Pictured here are our finds from the sale. All of the clothes and shoes totaled $29, which breaks down to an average of $2.23/item! I did pay full-price for the headband/bow from a vendor at the sale ... it was too cute not to get. And Meme bought Sydney a few more baby headbands in colors she was needing from the same vendor (I use "need" loosely, of course!). Most of the items will be perfect for summertime. At the next sale in September, I'll be on the lookout for fall/winter items.

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