Monday, April 22, 2013

A time of loss

We moved to N.C. just about six months ago, and since then, we've said goodbye to three very important people in our lives. It has made our transition pretty hard. We are grateful for the time we spent with each of these wonderful people, and we are sorry for all of the things they will miss out on moving forward.

It's impossible to place a rating on how tough each loss has been, but it's safe to say that losing Randall's mom at age 69 has been the worst. We wanted her to know our kids and to be a part of their lives --- ball games, dance recitals, a good report card --- whatever those things might be.

I also know I'm very lucky to have had three of my grandparents still living into my 30s. Now, we're down to one. There's really no other way to sum up the last six months - it's been hard.

I look at these pictures and wish we had a little more time. RIP Betty (Meme), Morris (G-pa), and Margaret (Grandma). If you have any say-so in the matter, might you send us six months of happiness? We think we're due. xoxo

Betty with her baby boy. I'm thankful every day she raised such a wonderful person. He is the best husband and father because of her.
My grandpa with his wife of nearly 68 years and their two kiddos. My dad and Aunt Gail will carry on his incredible legacy.
Grandma with her three --- my mom, Aunt Steph, and Uncle Tom. They each got different strengths from her, and I know she gave my mom her strong but tender heart.

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  1. Danielle, my heart has been heavy for you! Going through any one of these things would be difficult, but three in a matter of months is impossible to think about. I'm hoping and praying that the next six months turn around for you guys and are filled with love, joy, and fun instead of sadness.