Monday, October 1, 2012

Biker babies

This past weekend, our town welcomed one of the biggest bike rallies in the nation: Bikes, Blues & BBQ. It isn't my favorite weekend for a few reasons. Primarily, I don't love it because driving around town makes me nervous when bikes are everywhere. We had such a busy weekend, we didn't get down to visit all the excitement, and I hate that because the kids would have loved it.

Collin caught a glimpse of the excitement when the friend of one of his school's teachers brought a pretty cool Harley to his building for all the little ones to see and sit on. As adorable as this is, I really hope this isn't a picture I see throughout his life! Motorcycles make me nervous. Period.

Sydney also had some biking experience of her own, but not in the motorcycle sense. In the past, she has only been interested in pedaling if she didn't really have to work at it. The route had to be very flat, and she was even happier if it was slightly downhill. Can you say lazy? Well, some time had passed since we last tried (mainly because I had to cool down because I was so irritated by this!), and what do you know?! It has clicked! She will actually use her leg muscles to pedal! And she was so excited --- perhaps because I was screaming from joy. She will pedal up and down our sidewalk, even in the parts where it is slightly uphill. I am so proud! Clearly, she is, too.(And clearly, our next door neighbors need to edge their lawn. Geez, make it hard on people tryin' to sell their house!)

In other news, Collin decided to get his first two teeth - bottom, center - during our Charlotte house hunting trip a few weeks ago. They are coming in slowly but surely, and I think you can kind of see them in this picture. I also took this video over the weekend where you can see his favorite "word" Dada. So stinkin' sweet!

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