Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pony tails & Papaw

Saturday was a busy day for all the Stricklands. Randall took Collin out to visit our friend Juston and his family. Juston's grandfather, Papaw, has always loved Randall, and since he had never met Collin, Randall wanted to take him for a visit before we move next week. I love these photos of them together. From all the reports I got, Collin was perfect the whole time and let everyone hold him and love on him.

While the boys were off getting in their kisses and hugs, Sydney and I went to a birthday party for one of her classmates, Henley. She was so excited to bring the present we bought.

Henley lives in a neighborhood but there was a great space between houses to do pony rides. The kids were in heaven. Sydney was the first to ride and she even helped the birthday girl warm up to the idea. Things have definitely changed! Sydney used to be our super shy little girl, and we have recently seen her come completely out of her shell. We are thrilled because we don't want her to miss out on things. :)

Here's our sweet girl enjoying the horses. She only stopped riding if someone was waiting in line or if it started to rain. She had a long-sleeve shirt on under that yellow sweater, and eventually had to put her coat on, too. It was COLD.
Henley also has a trampoline, and it confirmed our thoughts that this would be a perfect Christmas present for Sydney! These girls had a ball. (Side note: All the moms at the party were ooh-ing and aah-ing over Sydney's curls. I know they probably won't be there forever, but it's just so cute right now!)

In the middle of the party, we got a call that a realtor wanted to show our house (of course, right?!). We hurried home to get everything perfect and then had to be gone for a bit, so Sydney and I went to lunch and then for our final trip to the library! I love this picture because Sydney always talks to this bronze sculpture when we are leaving the library. She shows them our books, etc. This was the first time we only returned books and didn't check any out, but I assured her we would find a great library near our new home as soon as we get settled. 

It was a great day, which ended with date night! Our friends Erin & Aaron hung out with the kids so we could celebrate our five-year anniversary a week early at our favorite restaurant. That was another example of Sydney moving out of her shyness. She happily waved to us as we drove away, and she went about her business. Six months ago, she would have been a mess. Yay for progress!

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