Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cousinly love

Beth - Randall's eldest niece - visited this past weekend from Virginia. She arrived Thursday and left today. This was her first visit to Arkansas (in fact, her first flight ever) and I think it's safe to say she enjoyed the time, especially with Sydney and Collin. She is their first cousin, but is more like an aunt since she's more than 20 years their senior!
During her visit, she was able to see all around Fayetteville and the U of A campus and spend some quality time with the kiddos. We will see Beth again in mid-June when we all travel to Virginia for her dad's wedding and to meet our kids' newest cousin who will be welcomed by my older brother and his wife in early June.

During Beth's visit, Sydney had a breakthrough! She rode a pony for the first time. Now, this isn't the first time she has asked or pretended to want to, but this is the first time she actually did it! This took place at the safari/petting zoo we frequent.

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