Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two videos

This first video just warms my heart. I took piano lessons for many years, and I love seeing Sydney's interest in music. Hopefully she'll want to take lessons one day. For now, we have this beautiful song to listen to. As you can see, she thinks her performances are worthy of applause, already :-)

For the next video, we knew we wanted to get a swing set for our backyard this year. When my good friend decided to upgrade the one she had for her kids, her old one was the perfect first set for us. She even sold it to us with a baby swing - all ready to go! This is the minute it arrived at our house. We hadn't even found a good place for it yet. I think the swing gives the wagon a run for its money. This may be the new favorite. (She seems to love having a swing at home; we never get giggles like this at the park.) Now if we could just figure out how to end swinging sessions with no tears, we'd be all squared away!


  1. omg....her laugh is great!!! I'll have to watch that a few more times...especially if I'm ever in a bad mood.

  2. Love it! Her fun-loving personality is really starting to shine through!

  3. These are great! I love the sound of children laughing -- and Sydney has a great laugh! Miss you guys!