Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

One word to sum up today? Perfect! Randall helped Sydney create the best Mother's Day any mom could ask for ... and then some! This pretty set of goodies started my day.
Included are flowers (which I later split into two bouquets so we could have fresh flowers in more rooms), two sweet, sweet cards, and three gift cards to three of my most favorite stores: Brighton jewelry, Francesca's (clothes, accessories, etc.) and Ann Taylor Loft.

Before the shopping spree, we went to a drive-through safari (learn more here) in a town about 30 miles from our house. It was the BEST thing and Sydney went crazy over all the animals. There were hundreds of animals covering 400 beautiful acres. If you can think of an animal, we saw it, and we saw it CLOSE UP. The 5-mile loop took us about 1.5 hours, and the animals come right up to your car. You'll see Sydney is sitting up front with us, which is allowed because you're only going about 5 mph.

Following the drive-through part, there is a walking component where you can see more animals up close and personal. It was so hard to choose favorite images, but here are some. We could have stayed all day.
After the animals, we had lunch and did all the shopping. I had the best time, and Sydney was a trooper! It was 90 degrees here today, so we didn't stroll around too much at the open air mall other than in and out of the three stores. I successfully spent all the money, which was my specific instruction. :-) I can't wait to debut all my new things.

So, we got home and Randall surprised me yet again by giving me a pedicure! One of his coworkers does pedicures at her house so she let him borrow all the stuff. He made me a mimosa and the pampering began amidst all the baby toys. My feet look and feel as though I was at the spa. This could be bad news for my sweet husband!
For dinner, I requested Randall's awesome grilled hamburgers - delicious! I should also mention that we had a great "Mother's Day" brunch last Sunday. The place we wanted to go is usually packed, especially on special days, so we went a week early. The food was fabulous. I also love this photo of Sydney while we were at brunch --- being silly and showing off her pearly whites!
I must say I am feeling especially lucky this evening as I type this re-cap, which barely does this day justice. It was so special, and I can't imagine how I will ever make Father's Day as special as this for Randall!! I know he deserves it, and I am so thankful to be married to someone who loves me this much. Becoming Sydney's parents has only made our life together more complete. Here's to making every day Mother's Day and Father's Day.  :-)

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