Monday, May 30, 2011

Grandpa and Golf

We enjoyed all last week with my dad. I worked shorter days so I could have time with him, and that also meant he had some quality time with Sydney alone. We loved having him here. He got a lot of good pictures, so I need to get those from him to complete my collection from the week. We will see him again in September for a family wedding, and we can't wait! Syd warmed to him right away, so I think there was some recognition from all our Skype sessions since the last time we saw him in person, which was at Christmas.
Today, on Memorial Day, we spent a little time at the golf course --- Sydney's first time there. She loved riding in the cart and I think I got some of the cutest pictures of my two golfers. I just hope Sydney has a tiny bit of skill and/or interest as she gets older so her daddy doesn't cry!
And here's one last picture from our cookout Saturday evening. We got Sydney her own little chair so she fit in with the rest of the group. Before our guests arrived, she kicked back for a quick read in the sun. :-)
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, too!

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