Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walkie Talkie ... and a tooth!

First, talkie. Sydney has four words that are understandable to us right now. They are: Dada, Mama, Hey, Huh .... Baba may be bottle, but her usage isn't consistent, so the jury is out on that one.
"Hey" is the funniest! It is just so cute that she says that instead of "hi." Of course, we never really say "hi," either. And the "huh" is funny because she says it as if she seriously needs you to repeat yourself during a conversation! I do imagine, over time, "huh" will become quite annoying and we'll have to teach a more polite alternative. :-)

And as far as the walkie part of this post, I don't think first steps are far away! Sydney stands for quite awhile on her own now, and she applauds her hard work as she stands there. Last night, Randall took video of Sydney walking and pushing her truck. We tried this a few days ago, but she couldn't quite get it. Last night, I guess it clicked! I predict she'll be walking unassisted in the next few weeks. Here are two short walkie videos.
(In other news, Sydney's first tooth popped through yesterday! She runs over it with her tongue constantly now, and she seems to have a little discomfort with the start of all this.)


  1. Oh my goodness, her laugh is infectious! And yay for the first tooth -- can't wait to see a pic!

  2. that is too adorable.. she is a sweetie pie!