Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11 months old!

It is very hard to believe our little girl is 11 months old today! She is such a fun little girl, with a her own sweet personality and an adorable sense of humor.
After shopping on Black Friday, in her precious outfit from her Auntie Brandy!

Just this morning, bundled up about to leave for school. It's a cold day today, and I loved using her new pea coat (irresistible from Baby Gap) and winter hat (from our local Farmer's Market) today!
 At 11 months, Sydney:
  •  can stand independently for quite awhile, but hasn't taken steps yet
  • LOVES music. She moves and dances every time she hears a song
  • shows real preferences in people now - adults and other kids
  • appears to really thrive in the Montessori setting, and her teachers say she is very smart!
  • gets so excited to see her mama and daddy - we love that!
  • loves to sleep! We have to wake her up every morning, and she takes marathon naps on the weekends to catch up from all the interrupted sleep at her school.
  • is an easy giggle. It doesn't take much and she is falling apart in laughter. What a great trait!
  • eats like a champion. Her current favorites are any fruit, green beans, yogurt, yams, any pasta, peas, cheese and whole wheat waffles.
  • uses a sippy cup pretty well, but we anticipate a slow transition away from bottles entirely, especially her last bottle before bed. She loves it.
  • is the sweetest little baby we could have ever asked for, and our lives get better every day she's in it!

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