Tuesday, November 23, 2010

29 years and counting

Yesterday was my 29th birthday! Although it was a Monday and I had to work, it turned out to be a really great day. I got lots of cards from friends and family, and we met up with some of our dearest friends for a sushi dinner, my favorite! Sydney had not napped much during the day, so she was fidgety during dinner, but between feeding her, passing her around to different laps, and entertaining her with somewhat safe "toys" from the table, we had a wonderful time! :) Here are a few pictures from dinner with our friends. This was the best shot I could get of Sydney who was constantly moving! Randall surprised me with petit fours for dessert - YUM. I brought a few to work today so the leftovers aren't staring at us in our kitchen!!! (The necklace I'm wearing is from my trip to NYC --- an early birthday gift that I saved to wear until yesterday. It is jade and pearl, and I absolutely love it!)

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