Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Night in the Life

I thought our life pre-baby was pretty great, but I realize now that we were probably bored :-) Sydney makes every night so fun. It's not that we do anything special; there's just constant entertainment seeing life through a baby's eyes. It brings a lot of youth back to us, and it makes the smallest things seem quite significant. All in all, I give parenting a big thumbs up ;-)
Here's a quick look at Sydney's bath tonight .... one of her favorite activities!
Tonight before dinner, Sydney spent a little time with her favorite toy - Tonka. Maybe it's an innate love for transportation from Daddy's career in the industry. Who knows, but it is stinkin' cute! (Please forgive her stained pants. Since becoming a super crawler and loving time outside, this child comes home every day from school looking like a total rag-a-muffin!)

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see she still loves the truck! She gets cuter everyday :) I can't wait to see the Halloween pics. Hope you had a great trip to NYC with your mom.
    love, Katie