Monday, October 18, 2010

Date nightin' & Craft fairin'

This past weekend, Randall and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with date night - dinner & a movie. What used to be a regular weekend activity was a rare treat! Sydney spent the night with our friends KC & Joe (who are due w/ their first child in December) and they had a ball...they went to the park, a block party...and Sydney loved their big dog, Olive. She slept all night and was a perfect angel for them! We were originally planning to go out of town, but even after deciding against that, KC & Joe wanted to have her over. Such great friends! We went out for Japanese and then to see "Life As We Know It."
Sunday morning, we picked Sydney up and headed to War Eagle craft annual event we try to get to each year. You can read more about War Eagle Mill here. Below are a few pictures from the fun day. We bought a few Christmas gifts and of course a few things for Sydney!! We had lunch outside and just roamed around for a few hours, looking at all the neat booths. It was a tad warmer than I would have liked for October, but all in all, a beautiful day.

One of the most entertaining things while at the craft fair: Several people commented to us how "cute HE is" referring to Sydney. Randall started correcting people about our daughter, who was clearly in a dress! I guess until she has more hair or will leave a bow on, that's the way it will be :-)

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  1. Syddy-wyddy is a perfect girl and we had so much fun! Thanks for letting us spend time with her. xoxo