Friday, October 1, 2010

20 Lbs. of Joy!

Today was Sydney's 9 month check-up and she weighs exactly 20 pounds! She is also 27.5 inches long. (50th percentile length / 75th percentile weight). Her 18" head is still at the top of the charts. :-)
During this visit, she had to get a small prick in her toe to test her iron, and she is borderline anemic which is very common. We just have to give her a drop of vitamins every morning until she's 1. They also gave her a flu shot, so after the two needles, Sydney was so over the doctor's office, and truth be told, so was mommy! She took a nap after we got home, and now she's back to her old self. Here's a short video from this afternoon:
This photo is from earlier in the week. We are still enjoying such gorgeous weather, which tells us summer is O.V.E.R. Thank goodness. I think her expression says "It sure is nice to play in the backyard without sweating!" We all agree, honey :-)

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