Thursday, July 4, 2013

America the Beautiful

I have been slack with blogging lately!! I hereby pledge to do better.

Today, we've had a crazy busy 4th of July, but we've had fun! We leave for vacation tomorrow, and packing a whole family is work. I'm sure it will be worth every task when we get to the beach for a full week of sun and sand.

Here are our all-American babies today. We decided against fireworks tonight since they don't start until 10 p.m., and we're hoping to hit the road early tomorrow. The neighbors say there will be no shortage around our area if we just sit outside, so that's the plan. Sydney is excited; she doesn't know if we're at a big show or not :)

Here are our firecrackers' comparisons over the years. I love seeing how they grow!!!!

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  1. I just love your little cuties! Have fun at the beach this week. We enjoyed it last week but wish the rain hadn't moved in! Hopefully your part of Florida will be sunnier!