Friday, May 24, 2013

16 Months (about a week late :))

Collin hit the 16-month mark last Saturday! The last month has been full of developments, and most of them are really good ones ;-)   Seriously, couldn't you just eat him up? Love.

At 16 months, Collin:

  • is wearing 24-month and some 2T clothes, so clearly the growing has not slowed down!
  • still has a great appetite - refer to the first bullet :)
  • remains a fabulous sleeper; he's the best napper in his class, we're told.
  • finally says a few words that we're sure about - mama, dada, bubbles, all done, bye bye, dog... and my mom taught him "Hola" in Spanish which is absolutely adorable and pretty funny when he waves and says it
  • loves to play outside; it's our nightly activity after dinner now - t-ball, swing, slide, trampoline, sidewalk chalk, you name it.
  • is really showing his personality more and more; he is so, so funny but has also shown his temper a time or two
  • has had two haircuts. I think he likes getting pampered.
  • is still very affectionate; he either puckers up big or wants to give you a less-cute open-mouth kiss. :)
  • has started to show more interest in his fine motor skills (puzzles, etc.). 
  • has unfortunately started biting. He has bit the same kid three times at school. He was getting bit all the time, and now the tables have turned. No fun.
  • loves his sister. Can't even explain it. He looks at her like she is the whole world. And he laughs and laughs and laughs. It's THE best thing ever.
  • is holding steady with only six teeth.
  • will almost sit still long enough to listen to a whole book. It's a work in progress.
  • is fast. We can't keep up with him. He's up the stairs in five seconds, down the stairs in five seconds - and he thinks it's hilarious when we can't find him.
  • is all boy!!! He's huge, he's rough, he's noisy, and we can't get enough of him!

And here he is with his BFF. I hope they always like each other this much, although I'm sure the fact that she thinks she's his mother will get old pretty soon.

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